my story


Colleen self medicated with alcohol to escape the pain and hurt of being bullied at work.  This led to her being homeless. This is her story.


Alicia was in an abusive relationship which she fled, resulting in her becoming homeless. This is her story.


Michael found himself unemployed, and then homeless, after having served in the RAF for many years. This is his story.


Following a relationship breakdown, addiction problems and no access to benefits, Nuvola ended up on the streets.
This is her story.


When Lee lost access to his son, he suffered a mental breakdown and ended up homeless. This is his story.


Peter found himself homeless after struggling to cope with autism. This is his story.


Curtis, a talented musician, suffered depression, went to hospital and lost his job.
This is his story.


Tony ended up homeless after his foster mother passed away and he was evicted from the home they shared. This is his story.


When Irene’s fashion business failed she ended up homeless. This is her story.


After suffering serious injury, James’ life spiralled out of control, he ended up on the streets. This is his story.


When Cecelia was let down on accommodation she had been promised she found herself homeless. This is her story.


From a young age, Brett has found himself homeless on multiple occasions. This is his story.


Steph grew up in foster care. He left home when he was 16 with no money and nowhere to stay. This is his story.


Udeme lived in squats and hostels for eight years after he left home. He lives for music. This is his story.


In December 2016, Mattie left his role at Universal Music. Eighteen months later he found himself homeless. This is his story.


Sasha lost her job teaching abroad and at the age of 68 returned to the UK without a home. This is her story.


Eddie left foster care at the age of 18 and slept rough for the next 26 years. This is his story.


Joe found himself homeless at the age of 22 after difficult times at home. This is his story.


Jose was fired from his job because he was homeless. This is his story.


Henry left Liverpool after a violent attack. He ended up on the streets in London. This is his story.


Andrew, a talented magician, was homeless for many years. This is his story.