Here are the fantastic homeless charities we have been lucky enough to partner with so far.

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Glass Door

We’re Glass Door Homeless Charity, London’s largest open-access network of emergency winter shelters and support services for men and women affected by homelessness. Our vision is a world where no one has to sleep on the streets of London, and we’re working every day to achieve this. By partnering with churches to provide shelter and support, Glass Door is committed to supporting people get – and stay – off the street.

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Choir With No Name

The Choir with No Name runs choirs for homeless and marginalised people. They’re a diverse bunch of folks; all genders, all colours, all ages – everyone is welcome. They were founded on the premise that singing makes you feel good; it distracts you from all the nonsense in life and helps you to build up your confidence and abilities.

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New Horizon Youth Centre

We are a vital support network for 16-21 year olds who have no one else to turn to. We provide everything from hot food, showers and laundry to finding them accommodation, training and employment. We offer counselling, drug and alcohol support, health, fitness, art, music and communication skills workshops – everything they need to create a positive future.

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HOPE worldwide, Two Step

HOPE worldwide, provides a housing service ‘Two Step’ for single homeless people. We are able to help 20-25 homeless people a month find accommodation so that they are able to move on with their lives. We work in partnership with night shelters, day centres, councils and other charities who refer people to our service. One of our great assets is the network of relationships with landlords, agents and other accommodation providers we have built since 1993.

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999 Club

From our centre on Deptford Broadway we offer services for homeless people. As well as people who sleep rough, we support those who are vulnerably housed; sofa surfing or living in temporary accommodation. People who have nowhere to live can come to our Gateway centre to have a shower, do their laundry and eat breakfast. They can also access healthcare from visiting nurses, mental health workers and health professionals.

Working with everyone involved with Homeless Stories has been a fantastic experience. First and foremost, the project helps give a voice to those with lived experience of homelessness. The resulting videos have brought attention and empathy to the plight of the men and women who turn to us in their hour of need. The other benefit is the boost it gave to our ability to reach new audiences and supporters. Off the back of the videos, we have had many new supporters — including a new family foundation and a large major donor — fund our work. We feel incredibly lucky to have worked with the dedicated, talented and smart group of individuals behind Homeless Stories.

Glass Door

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